Barry R Smith

Artist: Barry R Smith

Short Artist  Bio: Amateur artist. I do art as a relaxing break from my other work, which is usually teaching maths.

Any info you would like to share about the piece of work you have submitted? I’ve been using acrylics for a while, so decided to try pastels for a change. They’re very different to work with!

Why did you decide to send work in and be involved with the project?  I like the idea that anyone can produce art and exhibit it, and that someone will hopefully appreciate receiving it.



William James Collective

Artist:  All work attributed to the William James Collective                                                                      Fe:Male Art Duo.


Artist: Sheldon

These metal trays have been donated, alongside a decorative metal box…I know they’re not paper, but we couldn’t say no now could we!  Images of them will be rolled up and distributed on Saturday, and those who receive one will have to go to The Bureau, Blackburn to claim their artwork 🙂


Lorraine Lamb

Artist: Lorraine Lamb

Insta @lorraines_studio
F: lorraines studio
T: @lorrainesstudio

Pieces are called ‘Unraveling’.

I transform the everyday object through print, sculpture, painting and photography.




Janey Colbourne

Artist: Janey Colbourne

I am primarily a writer and musician but I’m a very visual thinker with a vivid imagination. I meditate and practise shamanic journeying and I like to walk in the woods and talk to the plants. I sometimes draw pictures of my visions and dreams. My octopus sketch is my attempt to capture the spirit of a dream I had about a baby octopus that wanted to be rescued and taken to the ocean. It was a significant dream that I wanted to share because of the feeling it gave me. This baby octopus is overflowing with unconditional love.

I drew the picture on my iPad with my finger. Although the drawing is very simple I think I have captured the mood of the dream. I awoke with such a lovely feeling that stayed with me, I’d like to pass that feeling on.

I also like to photograph nature and use that in my work, in some of my books, and to make memes with my poetry and prose. My words about gratitude on a photograph of a daisy are particularly important to me, as practising daily gratitude has helped me through some tough challenges in life. It’s a very simple practice that can gradually transform our state of being in a subtle but powerful way.

Janey Colbourne

Find more of Janey Colbourne’s work over at


Fern Nicholas

Artist: Fern Nicholas

See more from Fern Nicholas over on Instagram @findingfernnicholas

Alex Ware

Artist: Alex Ware

See more from Alex Ware over on instagram @alex_ware and @the_glitter_man_

Francis Nolan

Artist: Francis Nolan

Any info you would like to share about the piece of work you have submitted? Just reasons. Consequences.

PG2017 JARAD.jpeg

Samuel Kearns

Artist: Samuel Kearns


Safa Ghela

Artist: Safa Ghela

PG2017 SAFA GHELA.jpeg

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