Away From the Rigid Constraints with Photographer Rob™

We received some beautiful prints from photographic artist Rob™ from his book ‘Speak my Language’ that was originally printed onto recycled newspaper.

“After leaving school, Rob studied graphic design before moving into a career in engineering, initially as a designer and subsequently as a certification specialist. A number of years ago, he picked up a camera again in order to break away from the rigid constraints and structure of the technical and back into something more creative.

Rob uses the camera to capture copies of the reality that plays out before him. That reality is often quite ordinary and is far from being a “grand” narrative; he infuses the everyday with a sense of otherness and melancholy. He observes rather than partakes, often looking towards the representation of boundaries and barriers, both physical and imagined. Whilst much of his work might appear to be landscape in nature, it is also deeply social, tackling the subject of man’s interactions with the landscape and also with others. He aims to cross the boundaries with his work.

Occasionally he even tries different things.

His work has been exhibited around the UK, and work is held in both public and private collections.

Aside from making his own photographic art, he is also a voracious consumer of photography, particularly in the form of the photobook, and especially those of a Japanese origin. The photobook as object is never really far from his thoughts. He is beginning to explore with writing too, through essays on photography, reviews of exhibitions, blogging, and of course, through Twitter.

If you are interested in purchasing prints, licensing rights or essays, would like to host an exhibition of work or have more general comments on this website or its contents, please use the contact form to get in touch”

IMG_1780 IMG_1781 IMG_1782 IMG_1786 IMG_1788


You can check out more of Rob’s work at

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